Ergonomic Back Chairs - Which One Is For You?

Why investing into Ergonomic Back Chairs for your company is a good idea. The thing about the ergonomic back support chair is not all are created equal. Which one is for you?

The need for office back chairs that fit employees well is a necessity. The amount of neck and back strain that workers experience from ill fitting office chairs costs a great deal for the company in sick days for a doctor's care or a visit to the chiropractor and massage therapist.

Thus, investing in ergonomic back chairs for your employees is probably a wise decision.

When Buying an Ergonomic Back Chair

The seat height, width and depth are one of the important items you need to be thinking about when considering an ergonomic back chair.

The height should be between sixteen and twenty one inch in order to keep the feet flat and the knees level. Ergonomic back chairs should tilt to be comfortable for the person using them. The lower back is one of the problem areas, so it is important that the chair provide the correct amount of support there also.

Four Types of Ergonomic Chairs

There are four main types of ergonomic chairs that are quite comfortable and provide excellent back support for office workers.

ergonomic knee chair

The first is the kneeling ergonomic chair, which looks like the bottom part of a chair used for massage therapy, but without the headpiece. This chair sounds uncomfortable but is really a good system for keeping your knees, hips and upper body in correct position.

With the weight centered and off of the lower spine, compression is released and the cartilage between the vertebrae has a chance to relax, which gives the nerves that pass through it and the muscles relief.

Typing on the computer when using a kneeling ergonomic chair makes the work more comfortable with the result of less stress and more productivity being accomplished.

ergonomic saddle chair

Secondly, the ergonomically designed chair that resembles a western type saddle used for horseback riding. It too release pressure on the spine and lower back muscles.

The position is nearly halfway between standing and sitting, allowing the legs to drop into a natural position. People with lower back issues find relief with this type of ergonomic chair; the problems of poor posture and circulation problems are helped when the saddle chair is used.

See more ergonomic saddle chairs

A good company for Ergonomic Saddle Chairs are and Office

ergonomic ball chair

The third ergonomic back chair that is recommended is like the exercise ball used in fitness classes at gyms - called the ergonomic ball chair. It is designed to help with support and strengthening of the core muscles.

One of the main benefits of this exercise ball is that it allows movement and prevents the muscles of back and upper legs from becoming stiff and it also stimulates circulation.

Trying several out to see which one works well with you and the area you work in is essential to finding the right one, as the height of the person using it will be different. There are also special attachments you can use to provide a back if it is necessary.

See more ergonomic ball chairs.

The fourth ergonomic back office chair would be your 'regular' office chairs with the padded contoured back, adjustable armrests etc.

Though they are probably what we are most familiar about, not all ergonomic back chairs are created equal. Read more about Chair Ergonomics and there has step-by-step instructions on how to choose the right ergonomic chair for you.

Working An Ergonomic Recliner sounds Great!

The other alternative back chairs are for people who have lumbar or degenerative diseases of the spine and vertebrae often find that a recliner chair gives them the most comfort when working.

This would require a small table or workstation with a laptop to provide the best working surface for the employee.


Regardless of the type of chair chosen, it is a good idea to check with your physician as to the best design needs for your new ergonomic back chair. Take regular breaks when seated, stretch and do not forget to drink plenty of water. Do ergonomic exercises such as head circles and shoulder shrugs help to relieve stress.

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