Ergonomic Back Chair

Choosing The Perfect Back Chair

Choosing the right ergonomic back chair can reduce back pain. Learn how.

How to reduce back pain? Choosing the right ergonomic office chair can help reduce back and neck pain.

In general, you must understand that prolonged sitting in a static (still) posture is not good on your back or neck. It adds tremendous pressure... equal to several times your body weight in fact!

So keeping in mind it is your responsibility to take breaks, perform a variety of tasks instead of sitting at the computer all the time, here are some ways to choose a chair:

Oh before I forget, if you experience any pain or discomfort, seek a medical professional immediately.

Choosing the Right Ergonomic Chairs For Back

1. Position of Elbows

Sit comfortably and lay your arms on the desk. If your elbows are not 90 degrees, adjust the height of the chair until they are.

2. Position of Thighs

Are your feet on the ground, with your thighs making a somewhat 90 degree angle? If not, use a footstool.

3. Do you have enough Lower Back Support

How to know if you have enough lower back support?

Sit as far back into your seat. Your lower back should be naturally arched against the chair supported by an 'arch shaped' padding.

If you back chair doesn't come with an ergonomic lower back support, supplement it with additional chair back supports such as the Kensington HalfBack Pad, Chair Pad for Spine Comfort and Support

4. Position of the Armrest

Are your armrests preventing you from sitting "in"? Then your armrests are too high for you. Adjust them lower. If you can't adjust the height of your back chair, then these ergonomic chairs for back do not suit you.

The armrests are there to take pressure off your shoulders and neck when you are at rest. If you have difficulty finding an ergonomic back chair with adjustable (or suitable) armrests, go without them. It is far more comfortable to be able to "sit in" then to deal with awkward armrests.

The Different Types of Back Chairs

Have a look at these special ergonomic back chairs.

It covers ergonomic kneeling chairs for better back health, ergonomic ball chairs, ergonomic recliners etc.

Find out if the ergonomic high back chair is for you?

Where To Buy An Ergonomic Back Chair

  1. I've found this ergonomics chair website that sell reasonably priced chairs.
  2. The great almighty on their Ergonomic Chairs For Back page.

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