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An index of ergonomic articles of Ergonomics Information.

Definition of Ergonomics

These articles are basics if you need a grasp in understanding ergonomics. Ergonomics information can be overwhelming as there are different types of ergonomics.

Our focus here is mainly Ergonomics for the Workplace with a slight focus on Ergonomics for the home too.

  1. Ergonomics Definition

  2. Other definitions of ergonomics

  3. Ergonomics for industrial workplaces

  4. Why is ergonomics important?

  5. Examples of Ergonomics

  6. History of Ergonomics

  7. Ergonomics articles

Computer Ergonomics

Now that you are aware of the principles of Ergonomics, it is time to take action.

These articles will help you get a foundation of know-hows when you adjust a few things on your computer workstation.

Though ergonomic principles are the same, applying them will take different methods depending on whether you use a laptop, desktop or a touch pad most of the time.

The information can also be applied to smart phones like the iphone or the ipads (touchpad ergonomics). We bend our necks down much too often, which will lead to aches and pains and musculoskeletal disorders (see below).

  1. Computer Ergonomics

  2. Ergonomic Posture at the Computer

  3. Ergonomics in the workplace

  4. Desktop Ergonomics

  5. Touch Pad, Ipad Ergonomics

Laptop Ergonomics

  1. Laptop Ergonomics

  2. Computer Posture When Using a Laptop

  3. Importance of a Keyboard Tray

Most people have replaced their desktop computer for the handy portable laptop and there are serious implications of these.

Read these ergonomic articles to find out more.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

These are mainly medical names for computer injuries that can occur due to the lack of ergonomics.

Some are irreversible, so it's better to read about them in order to prevent them!

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  2. Tendinitis

  3. Epicondylitis

  4. Is the position of your monitor causing your neck pain?

  5. Other Computer Injuries

  6. Eye strain

Typing Ergonomics

You can have the most ergonomic workstation, but if you do not realize your bad typing habits (or posture habits), your risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders are increased.

It is also interesting to see what type of "typer" are you.

  1. Typing Ergonomics

  2. Ergonomic keyboards

  3. What is Carpal Tunnel?

  4. The Right Hand Posture

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Some case studies to prove how ergonomics in the workplace help companies increased productivity and reduce expenses in health compensation claims.

Employees also report greater work satisfaction, morale and exhibit a lower turnover.

  1. The Importance of Ergonomics for Health and Safety in the Workplace

  2. Ergonomics Case Studies

  3. Ergonomics for Computer Workstations

Workstation Ergonomics

Some basic ergonomics information which you can apply today - just to start you out with.

You can look for more ergonomic articles on the left hand navigation bar, or use the search button located on the top of this page (in the header).

  1. How to Adjust Your Chair for Ergonomic Benefit

  2. Monitor Ergonomics

  3. Ergonomics for Computer Keyboard

Ergonomics Training

For those seeking to make Ergonomics a profession. Or for those interested in taking some ergonomic courses for self-development.

Managers, supervisors are encouraged to be ergonomically trained, so they can help their staff and enjoy the benefits of applying ergonomics in the workplace.

  1. Ergonomics Training

  2. Ergonomic Courses

  3. Ergonomics Certification

  4. Ergonomics Videos

Ergonomic Exercises

A series of exercises that anyone can do on their desk at work.

  1. Ergonomic exercises

  2. Ergonomic stretches

These ergonomic articles are not exhaustive, but this is a convenient page to bookmark if you are looking for office ergonomics information.

If you are looking for more ergonomic articles, look for the search button at the top left hand corner of the navigational bar.

Thank you for reading 'Ergonomic Articles'!

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