Driving Ergonomics and Car Ergonomics

Car ergonomics: How do you make most of ergonomics when driving? Driving Ergonomics show us the best way to use our bodies when driving. Driving Ergonomics

driving car ergonomics

One of the most overlooked areas of our lives that can be causing us pain (unknowingly) is the large amount of time we driving.

Driving causes more stress in our bodies than we realize.

It affects our posture, neck and lower back, wrists and even ankles and knees.

Knowing some car ergonomics or driving ergonomics can make a world of a difference. Read below to see if you can do better than how you currently drive.

Here are driving ergonomically tips:

  1. Before you even get in the car, remove everything from your pocket. Anything that can add pressure points to your flesh while you drive.

  2. Move your car seat all the way to the back, get in and begin adjusting until you feel comfortable. Have the seat adjust to approximately at 100 degree angle which decreases pressure on your lower back.

  3. We all need to use seat belts now. If yours is to tight or uncomfortable, add pick up some soft, thick fabric or even spongy pipe insulation and wrap it around your seat belt. You can even order seatbelt covers online.

  4. Most car seats are uncomfortable and don't offer enough back support. It would be wise to invest in a car lumbar support pillow . In the meantime simply roll up a towel and put it in the curve at your lower back.

  5. Adjust all mirrors to fit your body and line of sight. You shouldn't have to crane your neck to see what's going on around you. If you have blind spots in your vehicle buy yourself a small mirror to add to your dashboard to help you see.

  6. Try not to do anything in your car but drive. Bending over writing notes, working on your laptop or eating can cause spine and neck movements that can lead to severe pain which you want to avoid.

  7. Keep items you may need while driving in the front seat, just as tissue paper, sunglasses etc and not in the back. You don't need to be twisting and reaching at awkward angles.

  8. When gripping the steering while in your car keep both hands on the wheel unless you need to shift gears. You can change you hand positions here and there to reduce fatigue and keep blood circulating in them. Try to avoid getting stressed and gripping too hard on the wheel which can cause tension in your hands muscle, decrease circulation and sometime cause numbing.

  9. You should be in a position while driving that keeps your shoulders stress free and relaxed which also involves keeping your arms loosely at your sides.

  10. When you've reached a destination are have items you need to remove from the trunk, give yourself a moment to loosen up after you get out of the car. Even do a few stretches to avoid straining your back by getting in the trunk.

  11. If you are on a long driving trip, take frequent breaks; get out of the car and stretch. Take a quick walk if possible. Kept it loose. It's also a good idea to rest your eye for a bit. Perhaps take a lunch break.

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