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Ergonomics is about designing equipment and machines to our bodies and the way our body moves. Though ergonomics is known and applied for computer workstations and offices, transportation companies especially those who manufacture cars and bicycles have increasingly upped their designs to be as ergonomically friendly as possible.

Car Ergonomics

While cars are now designed more ergonomically, it still faces the age old problem - not everybody's body is the same.

Not all designs will work for all users, there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' mode.

We can make our cars more ergonomic for ourselves.

How to guide ourselves to apply car ergonomics? First thing is to look out for your comfort.

If you position your seat such that you have to stretch your feet to reach the pedals, you'll find yourself overstretching and cause unnecessary strain on your legs, arms, lower back - not to mention that your reflex time is increased, which is hazardous when driving.

Seat position, posture and time spent in the car all can affect a person's health. Though comfort is your indicator, your seating posture must be somewhat straight, and not slouching into the seat.

Of course car ergonomics and Driving Ergonomics apply more heavily to those who drive for a living, such as police officers, delivery truck drivers, postmen etc.

Read more about Driver's ergonomics.

Ergonomic Car Seats

Ergonomic Car Seats are a great choice. It guides you to have the correct driving posture.

Is your car seat ergonomic? Click on the previous link on ergonomic car seats (above) to find out more.

Cycling Ergonomics

Bicycles are one of the most popular vehicles used. They are used for transport as well as for recreation, fitness.

Cycling is a very popular activity, but it can cause injury if people do not prepare their bike or body.

Adjusting the bike to fit you ergonomically is crucial in avoiding repetitive strain injuries and other cumulative trauma injuries.

Apart from ergonomic design of bicycles, adequate warm-up, stretching and shoe design must be considered.

When buying a bike, consider your cycling posture.


Not every one who sells you a bike know how to 'fit you' properly on the bike. You'll have a responsibility to adjust your own bike to suit your body, posture for comfort and to prevent injury.

If you already have some problems with your elbows, neck or back, a good idea is to re-consider the bike you are currently riding or about to buy. Put simply,

it may not be the best bike for you.

There is an very helpful article on Cycling Ergonomics.

It explains, for instance, if you have wrist and elbow problems, you should not participate in mountain biking because it places too much stress on your hands and arms.

For neck or back problems, sport/touring or racing bicycles are not recommended. Instead, choose a hybrid bike that will seat you upright and relieve the strain on your neck and back.

Of course, no matter what bike you choose or ride on, you should invest in an Ergonomic Bike Seat. An ergonomic seat

  1. Comfortable ergonomic bicycle seats for all bike riders

  2. Wide seat area for better weight distribution

  3. Ergonomic center relief eliminates pelvic/perineal pressure

  4. Ventilated seat slots reduce heat/moisture buildup

  5. Cradles your "sit-bones" to alleviate pressure points

  6. Eliminates chafing on the inner thigh area

  7. Comfortable "long ride" suspension system

  8. Works great on trainers and exercise bikes

Adapted from Ergonomic bicycle seats from

Here are some examples of Top Selling Ergonomic Bicycle Seats

Schwinn Adult Ergonomic Bicycle Saddle

Ergo The Seat Ultimate Bicycle Saddle

ergonomic bike seat

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