Cornell Ergonomics

Cornell Ergonomics is a great website with lots of useful office ergonomics information. It patiently explains 'what is ergonomics' if you are a first timer, yet has advanced level ergonomics information, such as how to make ergonomic risk assessments.Here are our favorite ergonomics articles.

Cornell Ergonomics is more or less the brainchild of Professor Alan Hedge (from what I've read). He works in the department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University

Want an Personal Ergonomic Risk Assessment?

This page is excellent for self-assessing your ergonomic risk factors (if any). The best part is you can "diagnose" starting from your work station or from your "health problem areas" or simply where it hurts.

One thing to know is that this section of Cornell Ergonomics page was constructed by the DEA651 class of 2002 for their class project.

The tips and self-diagnosis are general only, do not promote any specific product or equipment, and it advises you to seek a medical health professional and ergonomic consultant - and not totally rely on this ergonomic risk assessment

Conduct your own Ergonomic Risk Assessment Now.

Ergonomics For Kids

cornell ergonomics

This is my absolute favorite page and even though it is "for kids", it is a good starting point for all those who are intimidated by "ERGONOMICS" and would like to get started.

It has lots of visual ads, for those are more visual than are readers.

  1. The Adventures of Alice and Allen shows you how to sit comfortably at a computer.

  2. Packerman saves the day - it talks about your children's backpack

  3. And Save Your Eyes - an introduction to preventing eyestrain.

Go to ergonomics for kids here.

For Further Ergonomics Reading

For further reading and more ergonomic resources, where it gives you links to studies made of product evaluations such as ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic chair, workstations etc.

It also has a list of studies and articles on posture evaluations and ergonomic lighting.

Go to Workplace Ergonomics Tools

Other Office Ergonomics Information

Read about the definition of Ergonomics

Computer Injuries

Computer Injuries or Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are conditions that affect the part of the body that is subjected to repeated stress, strain or both.

The musculoskeletal system is an organ system that enables the body to move through the use of the muscle and skeletal systems in combination.

Useful Ergonomic exercises to use at your desks. Right click to save those ergonomic pictures to serve as daily reminders of how to sit property or maintain proper posture at a computer.

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