Computer Posture

What is the correct computer posture?

So far, in our research, there is no 'one ultimate correct sitting posture' especially when you sit long hours in front of the computer. While the principles of computer posture are generally the same, there are some minor debates about position depending on what kind of computer you are using. The computer ergonomics differ from a desktop, laptop or an ipad.

The following guidelines provide the steps needed for an ergonomic posture at a computer - sometimes known as the keyboarding posture.

Your Posture And Body Setup

1. Head and neck posture to be upright, or in-line with the torso (not bent down/back).

2. Head, neck, and trunk to face forward (not twisted).

If you still experience chronic neck pain, please see a health professional.

3. Trunk to be perpendicular to floor (may lean back into backrest but not forward).

computer posture

4. Shoulders and upper arms to be in-line with the torso, generally about perpendicular to the floor and relaxed (not elevated or stretched forward).

5. Back should not be leaning forward.

6. Upper arms to hang naturally from the should

7. Elbows to be close to the body (not extended outward).

8. Forearms, wrists, and hands to be straight and in-line (forearm at about 90 degrees to the upper arm).

9. Wrists and hands to be straight (not bent up/down or sideways toward the little finger).

10. Thighs to be parallel to the floor and the lower legs to be perpendicular to floor (thighs may be slightly elevated above knees).

11. Feet rest flat on the floor or are supported by a stable footrest.

12. Get up and stretch your body once every 60 minutes

Lower back pain is a common ergonomic injury, read more about the causes of lower back pain.

Visual Ergonomics - Rest Your Eyes

Even though this is not part of computer posture, it is part of the ergonomic body setup when working. This means that no matter how many ergonomic products you've installed on your ergonomic workstation, it is only half the battle won if you do not set your body up the right way to use it.

So the ergonomic principles for your eyes are as follows:

Occasionally rest your eyes from the screen for 10 minutes after 60 minutes of continuous work on the computer. Focus on objects that are at a distance further away from the screen

User with bifocals/trifocals can read the screen without bending the head or neck backward.

Monitor distance allows you to read the screen without leaning your head, neck or trunk forward/backward.

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