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Wanting to read reviews of Cohesion XP Gaming Chairs? Read my opinion on the Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio

cohesion xp 11.2 gaming chair

Gaming chairs have always fascinated me, and that is one of the reasons why I have been writing gaming chair reviews. I've always been on the look out for new gaming chairs on the market. I have heard alot about the Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio, and so this is my opinion on the Cohesion XP gaming chair.

What Should you look for in Gaming Chairs?

Price is a vital factor in determining the overall value of Game Chairs or Gaming Chairs, but a low price does not always mean that you are getting the best value for your money.

The higher quality of ergonomics, comfort and style can make a higher priced gaming chair an better overall value, especially if you like it very much due to the comfort it gives you allowing you to concentrate on your gaming and that it lasts longer.

There are many things to concentrate apart from the price. For instance,

  • The size

  • The material used

  • Level of comfort

  • 3 channel audio features

  • Surround sound

  • Quality speakers

  • Easy-touch control panels

  • Ergonomic design and proper back rest

  • Whether or not the CPSC standards are maintained

  • A Brief Introduction to Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio

    The Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio can be rightfully called as the sportiest and well designed, stylish multifunctional Cohesion gaming chair of the season that also features quality Wireless Audio for taking the gaming experience to the ultimate level of excitement. It further doubles to become a prudent piece of stylish furniture for your household and fits in appropriately in one of the coziest corners of your home.

    The gaming seats are styled with a great faux leather material in black. There is an attached FM wireless, 3 channel audio features that provide good quality sound and fully-integrated speakers with subwoofer.

    The chair also has an Easy-touch control panel that functions well and controls the on/off functions, volume functions, input and output functions and the headphone jack as well.

    The ergonomic contour of the chair ensures great fit and style.

    Also, it is space saving.

    The Sports Car like Design

    Something that makes the Cohesion XP Chairs extraordinary in its appearance is its Sports car like design and look.

    When you sit on this gaming chair, you would actually feel like you are on a sports car. Sports cars have this hardy look but a cozy feel inside and the style is unique. While you are playing car racing games, you can actually have a "real life experience".

    The Material Used

    Cohesion XP gaming chairs are made from black leather, which is not only durable for constant use but also giving it a luxurious and stylish look.

    Media Options

    The Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio has an exclusive wireless FM with 3-audio channels. This is one feature that provides excellent quality sound with the Cohesion XPGaming chair. The fully integrated speakers along with subwoofer make the gaming experience more enjoyable and thrilling.

    The Touch Control Panel

    The Cohesion XP Gaming Chair has an easy-to-use touch control panel, which includes functions, such as ON and OFF, INOUT and OUTPUT and also the HEADPHONE JACK. These things have been placed together for a better effect and have enhanced the compactness of the chair on the whole.

    The Ottoman Feature

    Cohesion XP Gaming Chairs are contoured ergonomically for comfort and style. The Ottoman feature of the chair takes our satisfaction to another level. The chair can be backed down to serve the purpose of ottoman that would look good anywhere in your house.

    Exceeding the Standards

    Cohesion XP Gaming Chairs meets and exceeds the CPSC standards that were set up for defining good quality gaming chairs.

    The Price

    The Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio is available for $149.99 at at this time of writing this gaming chair review. The price ranges from $149 to $200, but not more than that. Shipping charges will be additional.

    Where to buy from?

    You can buy the Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio in major computer games stores but the greatest selection of these gaming chairs are online, for instance on Gaming chairs on

    The chair can be shipped to your address within a few working days.

    Does it have any Warranty?

    Nothing as such has been mentioned on the website or otherwise.

    Hence, no comments can be made on warranty. It is best to call the manufacturers of this Cohesion xp gaming chairs to ask before assuming.

    What Customers are saying?

    • "I just got my Cohesion XP 10.2 gaming chair today and I love it."

    • "The chair is comfortable, folds up relatively small (into an ottoman) and really has terrific speakers-the whole chair vibrates (yeah baby!)"

    • "I just got my Cohesion XP 10.2 gaming chair today and I love it. This is the first gaming chair I've ever gotten and I have to say this is more than I expected. The speakers are great on highs and lows and the quality of the sound is great."

    • "5 Stars for the Chair, 3 Stars for the Audio"

    • "This product is pretty freaking good."

    Customer Ratings

    Users who have bought and used this Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio have given an average 3.5 stars out of 5.

    Any Complaints

    Some users have been reported in other Cohesion XP Gaming chair reviews about the poor audio quality.

    (This is specifically referring to the model: Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio.) Otherwise, there is no major complaints.

    For more reviews on Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair with Wireless Audio , you can visit other websites, including Amazon (previous link) for detailed description.

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