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A short review on the Best Ergonomic Chairs according to reviews on Read more about Best Ergonomic Office Chairs.

Just as our bodies are all different, not all ergonomic chairs are alike. Not all chairs work the same for everyone.

Ideally, you should understand how to choose an ergonomic chair so that you can buy a chair that best fits you. Learn how to do so on Ergonomic Computer Chairs.

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The Number One - Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame - with PostureFit

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame - with PostureFit

Chair's full name: Herman Miller Mirra® Chair; Fully Loaded

best ergonomic office chair
Image preproduced with permission from Herman Miller
P.s. It comes in many colours.

The Aeron chair by Herman Miller is, simply put, the best ergonomic chair you can buy.

The 12-Year Factory Warranty covers everything that makes a Herman Miller Office Chair--including casters, tilts, pneumatic cylinders, and all moving mechanisms.

The high tech mesh fabric means that this chair doesn't look (or work) like other conventional office chairs.

Human-centered design Features

abridged description from designers
ergonomic office chairs
Side view
  1. Designed to support your back while you work with its Triflex backrest.

  2. Has a passive PostureFit feature to keep your lower back aligned and prevents slouching

  3. Self-adjusting ergonomic seating with an AirWeave suspension that distributes your body pressure and keeps you cool.

  4. Its ergonomic seat has a feature called FlexFront seat edge that ensures no gap between seat and back - it actually adjusts the dept of the seat without moving the seat pan ensuring spine support at all times.

Adjustment features

The Aeron chair by Herman Miller's chair adjustment features are pretty impressive.

best ergonomic chairs office

You can adjust its

  1. Seat height

  2. Seat depth

  3. Tilt tension

  4. Tilt limiter

  5. Forward tilt

  6. Arm height

  7. Arm width

  8. Arm angle

  9. Lumbar

What Users Of This Chair Have Said

Positive Highlights

"After plopping down on every name ergonomic chair you've ever heard of (Leap, Freedom, etc.), I pronounced the Aeron the clear winner. ( Executive Aeron Chair is remarkably comfortable too, but more expensive.)" - Jerry P. Danzig

"I am a med student with minor lower back problems from years of hockey and rowing in college. I also have a back condition called spondylolisthesis. I bought this chair because of the amazing amount of strain it takes off of my back when I study (which is a lot of the time). I tried the rest of the herman miller chairs and the humanscale freedom and liberty chairs, and the mirra was clearly the most comfortable. I feel like it has all the features of the aeron with half the knobs. The mirra adjusts to you since the seat and the back are flexible. It has perfect lumbar support, and the chair just looks so sexy. " - L. Mueller

Negative Highlight

"The main problem is with the seat. While the mesh is just fine in the rear-end portion of the seat (quite cushy with lots of depth to its flex) it's the opposite in the hamstring area. The mesh is still there, but because of the location of the chair's frame in this area, the mesh isn't allowed the same depth of flex. The result is that there's pressure pushing up on your hamstrings, which cuts off circulation and it's really noticeable." - Doginarocket

Where To Buy Herman Miller Mirra Chair

Cheaper alternative of the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

SPACE Seating Professional Grid Back with Eco Leather Seat, Managers Chair

More affordable than the Herman Miller Mirra chair, this ergonomic office chair gives it a run for their money and proved popular among the executive crowd.

Ergonomic Chair Features

  1. Eco Leather seat with mesh siding for breathability and comfort
  2. One touch Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  3. 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control with Adjustable Tilt Tension
  4. Height Adjustable Angled Arms with Soft PU Pads
  5. Heavy Duty Angled Nylon Base with Oversized Dual Wheel Carpet Casters

What Users Of This Chair Have Said

Positive Highlights

"At 6'2" it's not all that easy to find an office chair with adequate support but this one aces it. The height of the back piece is adjustable as well as how far back it leans (think like a car seat), the arm rests move up as well as out and most importantly the seat height is perfect for long legs."

"This is a wonderful office chair. I have been experiencing severe low back pain at work due to a worn out and poorly designed chair. I purchased this chair locally two days ago and my back is so much better already. It is very ergonomic, adjustable in many ways and wide enough to accommodate many different body types. "

Negative Highlights

"There is really no padding on the seat so your butt feels the hard wood/plastic under the "padding" within minutes."

"Quality is not great. Keep your warranty!" - Jltemp

See where to buy: SPACE Seating Professional Grid Back with Eco Leather Seat, Managers Chair

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