All About The Aeron Chair Warranty

In writing my Aeron Chair Review page, I discovered the fabulous 12 YEARS Aeron Chair Warranty. While it is awesome, here are some things you should know about the warranty especially if you are considering buying used aeron chairs.

General Information About Herman Miller's 12 Years Warranty

After much research, it seems that all Aeron Chairs come with a 12 year warranty as stated by Herman Miller themselves in this quote below.

"Our 12-year warranty covers everything that makes up our standard office furniture products-including electrical components, casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms."

That covers most things, especially if say for instance you were unlucky enough to get a factory defect that have snucked under their Quality Control team, or say it was mishandled and damaged during shipping.

While you can get the full details of their warranty on their website, here are some important things that I'll highlight.

Important Things You Should Know About Herman Miller Warranty

Before you walk away with your Aeron chair, pleased with your 12 year warranty, these are some important things you should know about your Aeron Chair

Not Covered in Aeron Chair Warranty

What its Warranty does not cover is described below

Herman Miller does not warrant:

Natural variations in wood grain or figure or the presence of character marks

Excessive changes in surface finishes due to aging or exposure to light

  • Marks, scars, or wrinkles occurring naturally in leather
  • Veins, marks, voids, fissures, or cracks found naturally in stone
  • In addition, Herman Miller does not warrant: Defects or failure resulting from normal wear and tear
  • The matching of colors, grains, or textures of natural materials
  • The colorfastness or the matching of colors of textiles, including an exact match to cuttings or to swatch cards.

  • Warranty Does Not Cover Second Owners

    I read an aeron chair review by this guy called Dennis Yang who said Herman Miller refused to honor the warranty because he was a second owner.

    He quotes Herman Miller's email to him:

    "The 12-warranty only covers the original owner, once resold the warranty would be denied by Herman Miller."

    He tried appealing and even wrote to the MD, but it was no use.

    This makes me reconsider buying used Aeron chairs! You must also consider calling up Herman Miller yourself, to check if the retailer (which you will be buying the chair from) is an authorized dealer of Herman Miller, just in case you need to bring it back.

    In the end, it didn't cost him that much to send it for repair, which he happily paid.

    You can read more his Aeron Chair Herman Miller Warranty rant here.

    So far, I've read several reviews on Amazon who had used the warranty on the chair and like all warranties - using it is troublesome but worth it. I will talk about that later.

    Is Your Herman Miller Warranty Valid?

    This means, do you really have a warranty on the Aeron chair that you are buying?

    When you buy an Aeron Chair, be sure to look for a sticker under the seat of the chair. Most, if not all chairs are sold with the Herman Miller Warranty.

    The sticker should contain the date you bought it along with the order number.

    It pays to check if your Aeron Chair is really new

    Sometimes, you may get Aerom chairs which are refurbished and thus it is sold "like new" or in some ebay auctions, "Brand new". If you don't mind forgoing the warranty for a lower price, by all means go ahead and buy used Aeron chairs. But keep in mind that Herman miller's 12 year warranty does not cover used Aeron chairs.

    How to Check if Your Aeron Chair Seller is Authorized

    Check at Herman Miller directly at 888-443-4357. (Add +1 for people calling from outside of the United States).

    Herman Miller's Warranty Process

    If you need to use your Herman Miller Warranty, you usually first contact the retailer (who sold you your chair).

    Then, they will ask to check a few details of your chair. There should be a label underneath the front edge of the seat, or on the tilt cover. This will have the manufacturing date, as well as the codes that your retailer will need to process your inquiry.

    If there is no label, the original receipt will be needed, or Herman Miller will not approve warranty claims.

    If there is a tearing or wear issue with arm pads, seats, or backs, Herman Miller needs a picture to approve warranty claims. Herman Miller cannot proceed without one.

    Once Herman Miller approves the warranty claim, your retailer will send you a box to package the chair.

    They will then arrange for FedEx to pick it up.

    All costs are paid by Herman Miller if the chair is under warranty.

    Customers Experiences with Herman Miller Warranty

    It seems there isn't much of an issue with redeeming the warranty especially when Herman Miller picks up the bill including shipping costs.

    The only bad reviews about using its warranty is when customers buy used Aeron chairs not knowing that they automatically lose the chair's warranty by being the second owners and also those who buy Aeron chairs from unauthorized sellers.

    Read more Aeron Chair Herman Miller Warranty Reviews by owners of Aeron Chair Owners.

    Thank you for reading 'Aeron Chair Herman Miller Warranty'!

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