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Hi, my name is Eunice and I'm a full time writer and web master of Ergonomics-info.com and Elegantwoman.org.

I began my interest in ergonomics because I was experiencing aches from my full time work which required sitting on a desk - A LOT. I was also researching elegant posture and carriage. That which requires an thorough understanding of the body, how it was designed and how it meant to move.

The site came about when I casually mentioned about my shoulder and neck aches to my husband, Colin, who is a medical engineer and he taught me basic ergonomics. He designs medical equipment and gives consultations on ergonomics applied to equipment for doctors in his work. The more we talked about it, the more we wanted to document our findings. Spurred by his interest and knowledge in this area, and my somewhat extensive research on posture, Ergonomics-info.com came together. From an evolving project, we start to realize how important this information is. And how the world needs to know!

It reminded me of how my own mother, part of the longer living and aging professional workforce, who now on occasion, battles with knee problems.

If we develop good habits now, we will prevent later problems and injuries.

Currently, we are not looking to sell anything, and the only commercial things we might do is to put up a couple relevant ads that might interest you, to continue paying for the expenses of this site.

While we have sufficient knowledge in this area, due mostly because of Colin (while I do the major writing and web building), we'd advise you to see a professional physician for your injuries. See our conditions of use and disclaimer.

So thank you for dropping by, and I hope you can use our tips to achieve a healthier work and home life. :)

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