3m Ergonomic Mouse

3M ergonomic mouse is a great alternative as an ergonomic computer mouse. Its unique vertical grip feature has won awards from the Arthritis Foundation.

3m mouse


3M Ergonomic mouse is clinically proven to alleviate pain and discomfort of repetitive stress injuries in the hand, wrist or arm associated with the use of traditional mice.

The difference between the 3M mouse and traditional computer mouse?

The traditonal computer mouse (which includes typical ergonomic mouse) presses the wrist and carpal tunnel area of your hand against the desk.

This can pronate the forearm and wrist.

Pronate means 'put or hold your hand with the palm turned downwards. Imagine pressing your palms downwards for hours... that's not very natural is it? Putting your body through unnatural stances for long periods of time results in consequences.

3M Ergonomic Mouse is an Award Winner

It earned an Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation for its patented, vertical grip design that keeps your hand and wrist at a neutral angle without compromising all the benefits of your typical optical mouse.

How To Use the 3M Ergonomic Mouse

Grip the handle and rest your hand on the base. Use your thumb to left and right click.

how to use the 3m mouse ergonomic

It also has an optical sensor and USB/PS2 plug and play compatibility.

This 3M mouse also comes with a a 6.5 ft. cord for flexible use.

While they have also have a 3M ergonomic wireless mouse, its reviews aren't great.

Things to note about this 3M mouse before you buy. It comes in two sizes, 'small/medium' and 'large'.

So far, it seems that it is only for right-handed mouse users only.

3m mouse

3M Product Features From Manufacturers

The 3M Ergonomic Optical Mouse is clinically proven to reduce muscle strain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury. Its unique design places your mousing hand, wrist and arm in a more ergonomic position compared to a standard mouse.

Comes in two sizes for more comfortable mousing.

This is the small sized ergonomic 3M mouse.

Key Features

  1. Innovative vertical design keeps the arm in a comfortable, more neutral and natural "handshake" position
  2. Uses larger muscles to move mouse, reducing risk of discomfort
  3. Left and right click functions using the thumb button on the top of the vertical grip
  4. Easy electronic scrolling function reduces scrolling to a single click (PC model only)
  5. 3m mouse ergonomic base

  6. Available in two sizes: small/medium and large
  7. Included software provides user with option for daily ergonomic tips
  8. Easy installation
  9. USB connector with PS/2 adapter
  10. Compatible with PC, Macintosh, and iMac computers with USB ports
  11. Includes a two year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee

System Compatibility


  • Operates using Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT 4.0
  • Macintosh
  • Works with the new G4 Apple Power Macintosh Computer with USB port. Plug and play only. No software support.
  • iMac/eBook
  • Works with iMac and eBook computers and compatible with USB support
  • Operates using Apple O/S 8.1 or higher with USB upgrades. Plug and play only. No software support.

Where To Buy

buy 3m mouse

1. More info or Buy Ergonomic 3M Mouse SMALL/MEDIUM

2. More info or Buy Ergonomic 3M Mouse EM500GPLLARGE

You might want to read our Best Ergonomic Mouse Review to make a more informed decision.

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